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Friday, August 5, 2011

FSX Tupolev-204

Tu-204 is the aircraft, which is still there for the simulator. Work on it was announced in late May 2011, and here we present to you a test version. On board there are:2D panel:1) The panel FAC.2) Overhead with Completed systems: fuel, fire, electrical, air conditioning, hydraulic, engine starting and lighting part. The basis of the work fell "Overhead Tu-204, provided by Anton Fulmanom)3) ground service panel on its launchpad APU (but there is a separate, more close-up).4) The average console.5) Panel bursirovki.6) The panel filling.7) Collapsing on click displays.8) The control panel display.9) The radio panel.10) The service unit.11) FMC (unfortunately, to realize his Russian counterpart - Air Force-95 is not given the opportunity, because in the simulator NO airport with Russian names.)Sounds:There are sounds that can hear the pilot in the cockpit may not sound so close to the original.The visual model:1) The passenger, was taken as a basis for the old model of Robert Versailles. Livery "Vladivostok Avia"2) Cargo, developed by Hiroshi Igami, in the livery «Air China Cargo»Extras:1) Tu-204 FCOM2) Documentation.3) Customization.4) The loader only works with FSPassngerVirtual cockpit yet, and will be set up on after you have completely realized the logic of systems.Attention! Not compatible with MSFS 2004!


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